Bomba solar de superficie sin escobillas DC LRQB

♦ Elevación media y caudal medio
♦ Garantía: 1 año
♦ Voltaje: 24/48/72 / 96V
♦ Potencia: 250/400/600 / 750W

Product Description

 Material of pump
♦Outlet: Iron/Stainless steel
♦Pump head: Iron/Stainless steel
♦Pump body: Iron/Stainless steel
♦Impeller: Brass
♦Motor: Permanent magnet DC brushless motor
♦Cable: 1.2M
♦Air cooling
♦MPPT function controller

Product Features
♦Medium lift and Medium flow
♦Warranty: 1 year
♦Voltage: 24/48/72/96V
♦Power: 250/400/600/750W